Some thoughts on Election Day <3

I will be heading to the polls to vote soon and as we all know…politics is not my forte. 

As in, my main excitement about the whole process today is that hopefully we will have a brief reprieve from the barrage of annoying ads to listen to for a few days before the next pre-election hype begins. 

So in an effort to inject some randomness and levity into the atmosphere…here are some thoughts regarding the casting of votes today to encourage you to carry on and stay calm.

In no particular order…

<3 Just being honest…I am going to probably get to the polls and not know half the names on the ballot because somehow our political system has been reduced to who can pay for the most ads and make them as much like a bad movie that you just can’t get out of your head as possible.

Like I seriously want to vote against people just because of the commercials they allowed.


And if ever a candidate would say they are not going to be advertising at all and will donate 100% of the money they would have spent on campaigning to help our state get out of debt…I am pretty sure they would win. 

Hands down. 

<3 When I checked the issues that matter most to me, not one single major candidate will represent my view point.


I will vote for each one anyway. 

Who I am and what I believe matters much to God, but I live in a country where people I don’t agree with and who don’t share my beliefs also have the rights and privileges of citizenship. 

While it would be nice to be represented by those I place in office, I kind of had fair warning from Jesus that I probably would not be popular…supported…well loved by the powers that be in this world. 

Hence the warning…be in the world, but not of the world…


<3 I don’t have a lot of faith and trust in the system of government, but I don’t wax fondly for the past as if we once had perfect men and women leading this country. 

We are flawed people led by flawed people. 

Always have been…always will be.

Some are trying hard to do what is right and others are working with hidden agendas and driven by a power and greed that would most likely freak us out if we really could see the depths of it. 

But it is the system of government under which God has placed us for this time and this season. 

So pray well…vote responsibly….and trust God for the outcome. 

We live in a mixed up state…country…world…

You and I can’t really do anything today to change the big machine, but we will encounter individual lives every where we go today. 

We can encourage and engage. 

We can show the love of Christ for those we agree with and those we don’t. 

We can be responsible in our jobs and in our homes. 

We can serve and we can be kind and respectful. 

We can show up and we can follow through. 

So let’s do this thing…

and let’s do it well…

for the Glory of God <3

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