Some Wednesday thoughts…

As I read through the Chronological Bible, I am in 1 Kings today and maybe it’s just me but I think God packed soooooo much into the passages around Elijah and Ahab’s story.

So much that I took down a list of notes that I think are going to percolate into a series…and I have another series kind brewing as well.

Did you catch all those coffee puns and the pic? Yep…I did that on purpose.

Because it’s fun and fun is good as Dr. Seuss would say.

And with all those thoughts swirling around, I am looking for something to share today before I kick in to gear and do a few house things and then head to work.

I saw this in the graduation merchandise at Target last weekend and it has got me stumped as to the message being sent.

What are we saying here to the male population?

As a mother of a son and a grandmother to three boys, I am kind of hoping they have a shot at being effective and relevant and change-agents in the days ahead.

I am not offended by it, just confused.

Why do we as humans tend to respond to overcoming oppression by becoming oppressive?

When some group feels pushed down and finally is able to gather enough strength to have a voice, they use it to shout down some other “group”…what is that?

Rallying behind a cause, we lose sight of the individuals around  us. We can develop a mob mentality instead of dealing one on one with the real people right in front of us.

Labels are assigned to anyone of a certain color, gender or creed.

Presumed defenses and offenses hang like a red flag in the face of a raging bull and we forget the fact that each person is just an individual with flaws, struggles and ignorance…just like us.

And then there is the whole concept of the future, because while we can certainly make choices that will reap future consequences…the “future” is really not in our hands at all.

We can make plans and plot the course, but none of us knows a single thing about what tomorrow will bring.

So, I guess for me…and my house…

The future is God’s…and His alone <3

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  1. God has other ideas than what society has planned . I agree, the future is God’s not women or men, but, God has intended for man to be the head, it has not changed.

    1. I agree Tom. It doesn’t mean women are less, but God ordained order. His rules for how men are to be the head are also important. Mankind, left to our own leading…will always end in chaos because we are broken. I think we are seeing many consequences for trying to usurp God’s plan. So much language of this culture speaks of our “evolving” but we really are just spiraling through the same mistakes in new ways…so we return to Him each time…repent…and He forgives. What an amazing God He is!!!

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