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Pinch me because I actually had to put a jacket on when I was sitting outside to do my devotions this morning! 

We have had a beautiful week of mild summer temperatures. 

What a delight that is in the Midwest in late July!

While the weather and birds chirping was pleasant, though, the reading was hard. 

As I continue on with the passages detailing the fall of Jerusalem to Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon; my heart aches. 

God had warned His people repeatedly about their ultimate demise if they did not turn back to Him…but they repeatedly did not listen.

So as the armies of Babylon are building siege ramps around the city of Jerusalem and gathering strength to annihilate the people and burn everything held dear inside the walls right down to the ground…they decide to seek the face of God. 

I read with such sadness this morning these words of the men King Zedekiah sends to Jeremiah…

“Please inquire of the LORD for us, for Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon makes war against us. Perhaps the LORD will deal with us according to all His wonderful works, that the king may go away from us.”   Jeremiah 21:2


Is this not heart-wrenching?

And not just for the recording of the actual event, but even as we look around us every day.

Whether it is a disobedient child who places himself in danger…or a group or government…or our own poor choices.

The sad story of having gone past all the warnings and all the good instruction and done what was right in our own eyes…and then when the consequences are falling down hard and fast…

to check in with God and see if maybe He will do one of those amazing and miraculous rescues.

It makes me fall to my knees. 

Jeremiah does deliver an answer from God. 

And the leaders of Judah don’t like it. 

They want Jeremiah to say what they want to hear.

Let’s not make that mistake. 

Lord, help us to be faithful like Jeremiah. Help us to not change the message to please the hearer but instead, help us to be faithful to Your word at work in us. 

Help us, O Lord, to not be dissuaded from speaking Your counsel, but give us strength and boldness to continue to testify to Your Word. Give us Your heart and mind, give us grace and mercy and humility. Make us steadfast and obedient. 

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