Wednesday Randoms…because…summer <3


I’m kind of thinking this Wednesday Randoms is becoming a thing…not sure we will continue but with summer hours around here, it is working for me so here go in no particular order….

Random #1:  

Randoms work perfectly for my brain. It’s kind of like catching lightening bugs. Thoughts are always flitting around anyway so I can just throw out my net a few times, catch a thought and capture in type …and on we go.


Random #2:

Usually when I have some kind of bigger decision to make or am seeking direction on a way to move forward, I ask God to show me if I should do the thing.

But on a recent kind of big deal situation I felt led to pray more like…

Lord, please show me why I shouldn’t do this. 

This switch revealed that the whole plan wasn’t off, just the particulars of the way I was going about it. 

As I continued to pray, God revealed the corrections needed to reach a place of peace in my spirit and soul about how to move forward. It didn’t eliminate the “hard” work of making or implementing the decision, but it clarified the direction and method immensely.


Random #3:

(and related to #2) This is not a “formula” but it opened my eyes to how easily I can set my heart on something and then look only for affirmations of “my plan”…versus having a heart open to a wide angle view for God to show me His plan.

Random #4:

If you didn’t attend church at FCC last Sunday, you should listen to Josh Koskinen’s sermon. He gave the context around Philippians 4:13 and it is powerful.


Random #5:

My current reading is in Ezekiel right at the point where God’s people are going into captivity. The description of a nation that has fully turned away from God and given itself over to anything but Him is so graphic, it breaks my heart. 

God turns His beloved people over to the whims of those they have followed. They will suffer the consequences of the treatment of those they chose over Him and it will be ugly.

They have been warned repeatedly and clearly, and while they were curious about the prophets God sent, they did not take them seriously. 

So they will be disciplined by the results of their own apostasy and then they will finally repent and God will take them back.

It sounds all too familiar.

The story of God’s mercy and grace play on a loop through history and through our stories. 

May we draw on the power of His Spirit in us to break the cycle of our own sin patterns and live in a way that honors Him as we follow Christ <3


Heavenly Father, I read with deep sorrow in my soul as Your Word describes the waywardness of Your beloved people. And yet I see, in my own bent, the tendency to stray and wander after all the shiny things of this world. Kindle the flame of the Spirit of God within me to burn away that which dishonors You, open my eyes to see the death that lies beneath the surface of all that would tempt me away from You and bring my feet ever firmer into the Truth of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior <3 

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