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Still decompressing..

I want to share with you from our trip…

I know you are waiting so patiently for the slide show…but first I must de-tox from overdosing on Suhwait Tay (or as we call it in the Midwest…sweet tea)…grits…and saying “ya-ALL” after everything ya-ALL.


I can’t help it.

Oh…and I also find myself saying yes sir and yes ma’am to everyone…no matter how old they are or how young they are…cause the south…ya-ALL….whoops. This one may be harder to break than I thought.

So while you are waiting for the full report, here is one of my favorites from our last day in Charleston….IMG_4549This reminded me of my old Airstream days with my parents, though they didn’t sell boiled peanuts out of it…

Hoping to pull a recap together for tomorrow, but for today…check out what happened back here at home when we weren’t having to water much and then left for a week…


You might think I have a big old green thumb, but that, my friend is straight up a weed….as you can see in the after picture…


I just haven’t been checking on the planters this  year and this thing was able to sneak in looking very much like the real plant in the center.

Of course, I know it’s plant name, but I don’t want to get all technical on you so the fanlike green stemmy thing in the middle of the pot.

Since things have dried out in our absence, I was doing real watering and dead-heading last night and discovered this intruder that had overtaken the planter.

It was no small effort to remove it…because….

IMG_4670I believe it might be related to a corn stalk.

So I pulled and tugged, but super carefully so as not to uproot the geraniums, ivy and … that green, fanlike, leafy thing in the center.

How easily, with such a tiny bit of neglect, this unwanted weed was able to completely overtake the loveliness of what was intended.

And after a week on the road, with only time for snippets of study and meditation…I sat down to read and pray and catch up on my quiet time this morning. I found a couple of weeds there as well….

already gaining some space in my heart…

digging in some roots that would take away from the beauty of God’s plantings in me.

It doesn’t take long…for weeds to choke out the Word planted in us.


May God bless you as you tend to your heart daily…

let His Word guide you into identifying weeds that are masquerading as good plantings.

Be diligent to pull them out while they are just beginning to take root.

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. Proverbs 4:23 NLT


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  1. Have always loved your wisdom & sense of humor! So glad we got to see y’all. 😉 Did you try the boiled peanuts? It’s an acquired taste.

    1. Oh Nadia…my mother LOVED boiled peanuts and actually ordered them by the case…and I ate them, but never acquired a taste…it was like a train wreck…I just kept going back because I couldn’t believe how incredibly awful they are….=0)

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