Summer and the living is busy <3

Hey you all…I didn’t forget you.

I didn’t fall off the face of the earth.

It’s just been non-stop since the last firecracker burst over our heads and we applauded and packed up our lawn chairs…so here is a mini-recap and then I need to swallow some coffee and put my suitcase in the car because we are on to the next deal.

So Friday after we work we brought this one for a solo overnight.

I was worried he would miss his siblings but rest assured…he was fine-aroonie being an only child.

When we got to the house, he disappeared and I found him unpacking his essentials in “his room.”

I told him we were not eating that candy and gum and he told me he knew…he just wanted to look at it.


On Saturday we took him home, filled with all kinds of unhealthy food and all that candy and gum in a ziplock bag, because I do have some standards with them.

More ball games…and then off to meet this one and her fella for our annual “twin birthday”…

If you are going to share a birthday with someone…she’s the one to do it with.

So fun.

On Sunday…

Church…quick change and then….

We hung out with the crew during various ball practices and ate between games at a fancy restaurant…

Where watching them put paper cars together and wear these hats…

never. gets. old.

Then it was back to the ball park for another game…

We have sung “Take me out to the ballgame” so many times, even Caroline knows it….

Yesterday I went to a little town south of here with friends for a day of shopping and by shopping I mean…

So there you have it.

A whirlwind of sugar, fast food and little sleep.

Sounds like the prefect summer storm.

Hope you are doing well as we ride this summer roller coaster out.

Blessings and I will check in with you from the road <3

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