Summer vibes and loving it already <3


Because I spent 17 1/2 years in the education system as a student (some of us take a little longer to nail down that degree) and another 26 years from Rachel’s first day of preschool until John received his diploma from ORU, I have developed a fiscal year mindset that starts from buying back to school supplies in August through the madness that is May. 

Now we are eight years into the next generation of school children, plus Sarah and Jack are teaching and so I don’t think I stand a chance of ever seeing the year flow differently.  

Which brings me to summer. 

Because even though absolutely nothing changes for me when kids are picking up report cards or packing that first school lunch, for me it is like woo hoo…we are on summer vacation! 

I still have the same, if not more, laundry to do.

The house gathers the same amount, if not more, dust and debris.

We go to church on Sunday and have our assignments to help with our grands when mom and dad both work.

I have my routines on Mondays and Wednesdays and of course, I sit here and tap out a note to you five days a week. 

Friday rolls around with regularity as I rush around here and try not to be late the opening the shoppe where I have worked for …wow maybe nine years???

And then we are flying through the weekend to do it all again. 

But summer has a different feel. 

The longer hours of daylight give us more time to be outside.

I feel more inclined to consider doing fun things in the middle of the day. Going to a pool or taking our bikes somewhere on a weekday are okay and don’t feel like we are playing hooky.

It’s okay to sit on the porch and read or plan a day trip to go shopping and meet a friend for lunch. 

Maybe it is just me, but the other four seasons find me a bit more task oriented while summer opens the door to more spontaneity. 

Okay… very planned, focused and intentional spontaneity, but give me mid-day run to the ice cream shack after a few hours of sun and swimming and I am all in. 

I have to say the going from spring to summer is the only seasonal transition I make with ease. 

How about you?

Do you have a summer mind set and how do you go about diving in?

Would love to sit on a bench with a vanilla cone dripping down our hands and hear all about how you do summer <3

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