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Switching gears <3

On Sunday Russ took me for a long bike ride at one of our local parks.

It features a nicely paved trail that extends through wooded areas from our local environmental center out on the edge of town and winds behind some residential areas peeking through the forests and little streams.

Getting exercise and enjoying beautiful scenery as I followed this guy…

through new territory was good exercise for my heart, mind and soul.

At one point I spotted this mommy…


We made eye contact and although her two fawns were just a short distance from her, she  must have decided the only thing I was going to shoot was a picture because she just went right back to her afternoon snack.

It was a gentle gift from God to this mom on Mother’s Day and I received it.

I also received a little message from Him as we made our way on terrain that was much more up and down than the flat farmlands Russ and I usually travel on around our neighborhood.

Now if you live in a mountainous area, you might find our definition of “hills” as quite humorous but…


to put it in biking language…I can ride ten miles around our area in 3rd gear, level 5 and never have to shift.

However, on Sunday as we went up and down a variety of hills surrounding the river that runs through that part of town…I was shifting a’plenty.

With four levers to choose from, two on each handle bar and the intensities transposed…so that high is the low one my left and the high one on my right…and being slightly dyslexic and forgetful…I had to remind myself of what the guy who sold me the bike told me.

He said…don’t worry about remembering.

Just switch gears…if you chose the wrong one you will know right away and you can just click the other lever twice and you will correct your mistake.

This was a great relief to me as I tend to become OCD and have strong tendencies to never, ever, ever make a mistake…dangerous combo…trust me.

It takes a lot of the panic out of learning something new if I can remember this universal lesson…I may choose the wrong gear but if I do, I can just correct my error and keep going.

Changes in life are inevitable and we are constantly climbing new hills and coasting down into unfamiliar valleys.

As May unfolds there are graduations from various levels of schooling, there are weddings being celebrated and babies being born.

There are funerals and vacations and interruptions to the flow of what we thought would be.

These events go on year round and season by season and all of these additions and losses to our family and to our life mean change.

And some of us don’t want to make a mistake as we navigate the hills and valleys so we can stress out trying to make sure we know exactly how to roll in to and out of all the changes smoothly.

But we won’t know..and we are just going to have to pick a gear knowing if we did it wrong…it’s a simple correction to a different one until we find the one that will get us and those we love safely through the journey <3



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