Takeaways Part 2 …. <3


Did you really think I was done pondering my notes from the Intentional Church Conference?

Oh…think again my friend.

While some have minds like steel traps, mine is more like a crock pot.

Stewing over things…mulling them around and holding mini-debates and imaginary dialogue in my head long after everyone else has packed it up and headed for home. 

So for Part 2, I am going to share a couple more quotes that got my attention and then tomorrow I have a plan to share my own heart responses or at least a few. 

Again from Ben Cachiaras –

 “We live on a mission field. The culture war is over and we lost – now all we have is the Gospel.” – said with a kind of half laugh because of course…it’s all we ever needed. 

You may not like how that sounds, but think about it and I will comment tomorrow.

“As leader missionaries it is time to recapture our missionary spirit and remember the mission is to:

  • Leading people to Jesus
  • Raising up new leaders and starting churches”

“We need to create an environment and space where others can find Jesus. The squeeze of persecution is going to finally force us to go out into the mission field.”

“The Church is more despised than every and yet it is needed now more than ever.”

For those who are living outside of the will of God, he has heard this statement:

“The ones who preach Truth and the Gospel don’t accept us and the ones who accept us don’t preach Truth and the Gospel.” 

Ok – there you go…something to chew on for today and I look forward to thinking them through with you tomorrow. 

Have a good day <3

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