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Top five takeaways from the Intentional Church Conference off the top of my head <3


Top Five Takeaways from the Intentional Church Conference (for me)

This is being typed quickly because I have an appointment this morning and I can.not.be.late.

So our church held something called the annual “Intentional Church Conference” last Saturday. 

Two keynote speakers presented in the morning sessions and I jotted notes, because…that’s what I do, as my numerous journals and spiral notebooks scattered hither and yon can attest to.

I am quickly sharing the top five that jump out at me this morning and then I am outta here.

#1 “The Church is an extension of the Incarnation. We are Plan A.” – Ben Cachiaras

#2 “When the Lord looks at my church (or even just at my life) and what we are doing, does it look like what He wanted us (me) to do?” – Ben Cachiaras

#3 “Radical changes in culture require radical changes in the Church” – Ben Cachiaras

#4 We are no longer the “home team.” The Church and Christ followers are now considered the “away team” in Culture. And this is a good thing because now we can really focus on following Christ. When the early Church faced opposition, disfavor with the culture, persecution..they did not withdraw, attempt to fight the culture or crumble in despair. They went on mission.  – Ben Cachiaras


#5 “Who will you be while you do what you do?” – Nancy Beach

There is more and it was good material. 

We may dig into it here on the blog tomorrow…but that is for tomorrow. 

For today I have to scoot. 

Be blessed. 

Be intentional in sharing the Good News.

Be the hope of Christ personified in your sphere of influence today <3

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