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Thanksgiving week…let the good times roll <3


Hello fellow travelers and happy Monday!!!

We are in one of my most favorite weeks of the year.

Even though we are not hosting a traditional or even moderately traditional Thursday, I really love Thanksgiving. I love, love, love all the foods that are associated with it because starch and sweets are my love language.

And even though we are actually not planning to make a single dish that involves a potato or turkey…I am going to be filled with joy all week because there is just something wonderful about a holiday that centers around family, friends, food and gratitude.

So since we will all be busy doing various things, I am using the daily posts this week to share an idea for gift-giving inspired by some wonderful gifts I have received this year… here we go with Day 1!


My cous-ster (we totally have eliminated the “in-law” but she is married to my blood cousin Kenny and has become a sister and cousin blended…) Betty Everitt Lochner has written a book that uses the most creative and fun ways to develop a heart of gratitude.

Pages like this…


and this….


have tapped into a part of me that gets lost in the every day routines.

There are prompts and then different templates to fill in with your own ideas and methods.

It is divided into 52 “chapters” so you can do one a week. And because these are open ended, I have found myself going back and adding to a previous area.

The photo of the Psalms was inspired by a prompt to meditate on prayer and its place in my life. I decided the best way for me to think about that was to focus on who God is to me and what better place than in the book of Psalms.

I grabbed a variety of colored pens and did my version of coloring…using words and adding some visual beauty to them.

This week is a photo challenge and you all know I DO LOVE my photos!

So I will be looking for beautiful things to capture with my camera lens and then write down why I took it…so fun!

Betty was looking for a new journal and she was looking in particular for a gratitude journal. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she developed her own and I am so thankful she did!

At about $13, this book makes a great gift friend gift or stocking stuffer…or one for YOU <3

Here are some links to help you order and also check out Betty’s website where you will find great tips (free!!) for growing in your communication skills!

You can purchase the journal on Amazon:


and you can check out Betty’s other books, blog and conferences here:


She also has developed a support community for anyone who would like to develop better communication skills with family, friends and in the market place on Facebook under the page “Cornerstone Coaching & Training”.

Have a happy Monday…and tune in tomorrow <3

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