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Be careful what you pray for …. <3


I am reading a really good book and its not the Bible but its definitely based on the teachings of Christ. I will share the name and more about it eventually, but for now I want to share a little deal that happened yesterday as a result of applying truth to my life. 

It would fall under the category of “Be careful what you pray for” and it is in line with a whole lot of in-my-face teaching lately that is reminding me that God is more interested in my transformation than my contentment. 


This book I am reading is a lot about surrendering my will and it offers discipline exercises throughout which I have been applying a small one every day or so. Yesterday there were several suggestions which were to aid me in releasing stress and anxiety and leaving outcomes to God.

Among them was one that had the subtitle – “Let people cut in front of you!”

The author used driving as an illustration of how we can apply this, although I am sure in this pre-Christmas season we could also find ways to act it out in the grocery or department store or really anywhere. 

Well I should have recognized the opportunity of conviction as I read the short suggestion that I let people cut in front of me and pray for them as a sign that God would quickly bring about an opportunity for me to apply this one. 

Since my usual “prayer” for someone who cuts me off is for a police officer to be waiting somewhere up the road with his pen and pad ready to bring about justice for my wounded soul. Pretty sure that is not W.W.J.D. 

I find that when God wants to teach me something about me He usually picks a really interesting opportunity to bring the point home. 

So as I drove up north that morning, all fresh from my devotions and quiet time, not a single rude driver presented him or herself to help me become refined and holy. 

No, it was at the end of a very long day as I drove Rachel home from work with a van full of sick and coughing kiddos and one who needed to go potty all of a sudden whilst wearing Grinch pj’s and no socks on his blessed little feet that I encountered my opportunity to apply the lesson. 

Thank you, Lord …. You love me enough to test me. 

Having just passed through an intersection, our lane stopped dead and it became evident that two cars had pulled over with a fender bender. 

Since it was rush hour, we had to wait for the light to turn red freeing us to merge around the stoppage. There were three cars behind me by the time the opportunity arose to do so and of course the last car to arrive immediately zoomed out and passed the rest of us. 

My knee-jerk, programmed response was to articulate my surprise and to launch into a tirade of how much more important you must be than the rest of us but the Holy Spirit just tied with our sweet daughter as I heard her voice say “Mom!” and His voice say “Laura!” before I let much more of what was brewing in my head spill out of my mouth.

And although my heart was racing, God won and I did pray a nice pray for that person. Honest I did. And I thanked God that I hadn’t run into him and he hadn’t caused a wreck and I prayed for my fellow offended parties to not be angry either. 


We do get what we pray for especially when we are praying for God to transform our hearts to be more like Christ. 

God bless you all and have a happy weekend <3

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  1. Ouch, that hit me right where I needed it. I usually say the same things you wanted to say. I’ll pray for those people next time.

    1. I am a work in progress and that prayer is not always my natural inclination…but God is teaching me and I am desiring obedience <3

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