That mystery of how a stain can remove a stain still gets me every time <3


Greetings to you on this beautiful Good Friday. 

As I was pondering and praying what to share, I kept thinking of something that happened a few years ago on a Sunday morning as we sat in worship at Zach and Rachel’s church. 

Graham got to sit with us . Since he has been baptized, he takes communion. 

As he pulled the foil top off his cup, it tipped a bit and some of the grape juice spilled on his nice crisp khaki pants. 

We took our communion with the pastor’s leading us through and then I watched as our little guy tried to rub away the small purple stain on his pants. 

Of course his efforts were to no avail and if you think me a cruel grandma for not jumping in to help, please don’t. 

I knew he was embarrassed by his spill and he didn’t think anyone had seen. I didn’t want to make it worse by giving attention to it. 

After a few more swipes at it, he pulled his shirt tail a little longer and covered it over. I noticed when we got up to leave, he checked again to make sure it wasn’t noticeable. 

At that time and many times since, I have cried tender tears for that little man. 

And really…for all of us. 

We are prone to staining ourselves, you know. 

When we do, we want to make it go away or get it washed up or at least hide it so no one can see it. 

Alas, there is nothing we can do in and of ourselves to make the sin and shame of our human nature disappear. 

And how blood, which makes a pretty hefty stain in its own right, can be the only thing that cleans up the mess is a mystery I don’t have the answer to.

But this I know with all my heart. 

The Blood of Jesus cleanses us from all our sin and shame. 

I am so very grateful. 

Easter blessings to you and yours as we celebrate what He did for us <3

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