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That time we saw Fonzie <3


Good morning

I did that Facebook live I warned you about and for better or worse it’s up and running.

In it I mention my hope to meet Kelly Minter some day and I do not make that statement lightly. I literally pray every time we fly somewhere that I will see her sitting at a gate or in a coffee shop.

I back that prayer up with a deep fear of how I will respond.

I have only seen one famous personality in an airport.

And I would have missed it if not for my husband who never forgets a face or a name and is actually aware of his surroundings. Unlike me who does a family roll call every time I try to address one of the children or grandchildren by name.

I also usually am distracted by some minutiae of an advertisement or a shop window when going through an airport.

So it was as we passed a Starbucks in some airport that Russ spotted Henry Winkler waiting in line to purchase a coffee.

A few people recognized him so we felt confident it was indeed the Fonz and we awkwardly made our way over, smiled and gave him a thumbs up and then giggled like a couple of groupies as we walked on.

We didn’t take a photo because HEY!

He’s the Fonz…

but here is what I remember … he was wearing a really blue ski jacket.

And I also remember thinking…is this what it comes down to? All the fame and fortune and one day you are standing in a Starbucks line buying your own overpriced coffee and graciously smiling at another older couple giving you, yet again, the thumbs up?

No matter what the extent of our forays into being open and transparent in this world amounts to, putting ourselves out there in the public is risky business, isn’t it?

If you are a teacher or a nurse or a mom or dad…you are someone’s “celebrity.” You are someone who when seen and recognized get greeted in whatever way that person initiates contact. It can throw you off track because our public face sometimes is struggling with our inner self…

all that to say…

choose kindness and grace whether you are the one being greeted or the one who has the opportunity to greet.

Remember we are all just skin over flesh and bones with a whole lot of stuff going on underneath it all. A product of our past experiences, our successes and failures and the hopes, dreams and fears for the future as we …. journey onward <3

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