The Final Stretch

Words seem trite to voice thoughts and reflections on what this day was in the life our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

To capture it in thought, to evoke in you inspiration, this is something we each need to seek in humility and quietness of heart.

Pour over the accounts of the last few days of the life of Jesus Christ on earth. Read and read and then read again the accounts of His last moments with His disciples. In the garden. Arrested. Beaten. Tried unfairly.

Bearing the cross that should have been yours and mine.

Close your eyes and meditate on the passages.

Find something you never noticed before.

Read of the disciples. Scattered. Just like He said they would.

And then, wake up early on Easter morning. Read the stories of the women going to the tomb, the race between Peter and John to get there. Fill in between the lines with the wonder and awe of these real live, normal, just like you and me people on Easter morning.

Weep, rejoice, live….LIVE the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Risen Savior <3

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