The gift of a good friend can never be underestimated <3


Recently I was concerned about something I read that had happened in the Christian community.

I reached out to a couple of friends who are more in tune with reading news articles and asked a couple of questions. 

As I suspected, they had some informed answers and confirmed my concerns. 

But then they did what really good friends should always do. 

The conversation continued with how we should pray for the individuals involved. 

Reminders of grace and forgiveness and restoration filled the next few text messages. 

Someone pointed out how previous concerns leading up to this had prompted her to pray and how the situation could have been much worse.

We need friends who can talk frankly and factually about situations but then who always land on turning towards Christ and applying what we know He would tell us to do. 

We need friends who remind us to take our concerns and turn them into prayers instead of commentary, public venting and harsh judgment.

I hope you have good friends. 

I hope you are a good friend. 

I hope I am and I thank God daily for the gift of many good friends in my life who help me process the times from a biblical perspective and yet always keep my heart tender for those who are broken, deceived or confused. 

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