The Original One

I love the way God speaks out a Word and individual members of His Body receive that Word and then use the gifts He has uniquely given them and, lo and behold…we all end up saying the same thing.

It happens all the time. I prepare a lesson and deliver it to our class. We go to church and the sermon has a similar content.

I write something on here and post it. Later in the day, I read some of my favorite blogs and boom! It looks like plagiarism.

I study His Word on my own and I am struck by this amazing revelation. I go read a commentary written hundreds of years ago, and well, it turns out it isn’t a new thought on the Scripture at all.

You have seen this too, I am sure. You read your morning devotion, get ready for work, turn on the radio and the verse of the day is….the one you noted in your journal from your quiet time.

God invades our thoughts with His thoughts and when we do what we are supposed to do, we encounter that thought through multiple sources! It is EVIDENCE of His SPIRIT!

If you run into the same ideas and passages and Scriptures all day today, take note. God IS speaking!

Pray to have a heart that is open, ears that are attentive and a will to follow what He is saying.

God bless you today!

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