“The Theme” needs to be refreshed

At the start of the year, I try to take a look at my quiet time and make sure it hasn’t just become rote routine. Quiet time is a discipline and it is something I do at least in some small manner just about every day of the year. (I do give myself permission to skip if we are catching a plane that involves leaving at the ridiculous hour of 4 am!!!) But I believe each year needs an evaluation and an intentional method of approach to the discipline!

I also try to pray and seek God for a “focus” theme. This year I got my phrase from a post on inCourage early in January. The author was talking about “ridiculous hope” and I liked it.

Fresh from Christmas with the new year stretching wide and full of possibilities, I coined her phrase and I wrote in bold letters – Ridiculous Hope 2014.

You will find it scrawled in the margins of my Bible in various places and penned in different spots in my journal.

It embodies the idea that THIS YEAR – 2014 – I am planning on and expecting to see God do some pretty amazing things in some people’s lives. By taking the expression and owning it, I am saying that I am not going to lose hope. No matter what things look like, I am going to hold fast to HOPE.

But I have to tell you, it was like throwing a gauntlet down to the enemy of my soul.

It has been tested and tried and as May slowly winds down, I am finding that feeling ridiculous about the things I am hoping for has lost a little of its luster. Ok. A lot of its luster.

What sounded daring and amazingly positive in January is starting to feel like mocking and silly in May.

So it’s time to refresh.

It’s time to go back to that day when the phrase challenged me.

It’s time to push back the discouragement and pick up the Scriptures and revisit those places that caused me to flag verses as indicative of this Ridiculous Hope.

The finish line of December is a long way off, so this weary runner is getting back in the race by getting down on her knees!

What kind of Ridiculous Hope would I have if it didn’t seem …. well…you know…..ridiculous!

Blessings on you as you pursue your ‘theme’ for 2014!

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