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Thinking it through <3


Well, we are halfway through the last week of February and I am scooting out the door in about 15 minutes for a dentist appointment. Anybody else have a mild freak out now when you have to take your mask off in public setting? Just me? Okay…

I want to be consistent with our visits especially during Lent so this morning I am sharing a brief insight gained from a book I am reading. A ministry team I serve on suggested a monthly book read and then discussion at end of month and this is our first go at it. 

We landed on “better decisions, fewer regrets” by Andy Stanley. I wonder if he is regretting not capitalizing his Title the way his English teacher would have recommended, but that is between him and that teacher. 

In the book he suggests 5 questions to ask yourself when making a decision. I am on #5 which deals with asking yourself honestly about the wisdom of what you are about to do. I wish Andy had plopped this in my hands about 45 years ago, but oh well. Old dogs can learn new tricks and I am gleaning some helpful information for the future. 

The chapter on wisdom caught my attention because he speaks to my mom/grandma heart in a language I can understand. He talks about how if we see a child on the brink of possible disaster, we call out with passionate warning about the current step they are about to take. 

Example being, if a small child is moving closer to a drop off into a river bank, we would start calling out to stop as the little feet kept making steps closer and closer – not when they are on the edge and about to tumble in. 

He says we need to have that kind of thinking about our decisions. We tend to look at the step we are about to take and say, sure….why not? Nothing wrong with the ground right here where I am getting ready to put my foot down…but we fail to stop and just think ahead on what direction THAT step is leading us to follow. 

Good stuff. 

Okay…gotta check my teeth one more time to make sure I make a good impression and then I am outta here <3 

See you tomorrow! 

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