This little light…. <3


Good morning and welcome back!

Today I want to just bite off the very first line in the passage of 2 Samuel we looked at yesterday.

Suddenly, God, Your light floods my path. 

2 Samuel 22:29 The MSG

First of all, I love “suddenly.”

I fully understand that God tends to work in that time frame of …. And a day is like a thousand years….but every now and again, He pulls off a suddenly and my, oh my. 

We do love the “suddenly”, don’t we?

Those times when a quick prayer is thrown up and voila! It is answered in a short span of time. 

It boosts our spirits and builds our faith. 

Sadly, it doesn’t really build our character. 

It seems that it is in the not-so-suddenly of life that we pray and trudge along and pray some more, ask the hard questions of why and seek to find God in what looks like anything but Him. Or what we thought He was. 

It is in the waiting and the walking it out, that we grow deeper and deeper into relationship with our God, who loves us too much to let our story be one of only the “suddenly.”

But if you have any history of walking with Him, you can relate the joy expressed in this portion of David’s song. 

The blessed flooding of your path, suddenly, with the light of God. 

I don’t know where you are on the journey today. 


If you have been marching long with very little light to go by, I pray you would hang in there today. I pray you would keep one foot following the other, knowing that there will be an end to this season.

If your path is flooded with light today, I am so happy for you. 

Will you absorb all you can of it and then shine for others who are coming along behind you? 

Will you speak of His goodness and will you humbly remember that you too once walked with just a tiny ember to light the way? 

Will you let the joy and filling of our dear Savior fuel in you a heart to look for the ones who can barely keep going and offer to walk alongside them sharing the light?

Blessings my friends, wherever you are…you are loved <3

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