Thursday Randoms <3


Thursday Randoms off the top of my head:

Random #1

Today Rachel is driving a van with some fourth graders to a St. Louis field trip. On Monday Jack was telling about his field trip with the entire 8th grade to a climbing facility. 

It is field trip season and let me just say as an “empty nester”, this would be one of the things I do not pine for with rose colored glasses from my past life. 

The phrase “field trip” conjures up memories of being stuck on a school bus with the windows up so no one got silly and threw something out.

My claustrophobic, fear of crowds self remembers vividly sitting in those deep seats surrounded by a cacophony of noise and I am like one of Pavlov’s dogs longing to reach for an icy fountain coke and three ibuprofen. 

God bless the teachers and parents and school bus drivers of May. You are earning a jewel or ten in your crowns. Thanks for what you do. 

Random #2 


PS on number one. 

Remembering the tubs of sack lunches and the chaos of getting those distributed. 

Okay, I’m done.

Random #3


I am working on adding to the pollinator garden. So far a viola has joined the cone flowers and other perennials. It looks like a miniature pansy plant and is so cute. 

Milkweed seeds were planted along the back and zinnia seeds to the front. Now I am on the hunt for some lantana plants because they are so pretty. 

As a bonus, I found out from my friend Kim that they attract hummingbirds. 

Winner winner.

What are you planting this year? 

Random #4


An instagram post I follow showed how you can purchase kind of cheap pots and then spray paint them black or another color to change the look. She also showed how you can stick a smaller planter down in a big one and reduce the amount of dirt you have to use while still keeping drainage holes. 

I probably won’t end up doing any of that, but I feel smarter just having that information in my arsenal. 

Now you have it too.

Random #5

Yesterday I ran into a lady at church who I never get to see very much. We chatted briefly and then she told me she appreciates these posts.

My face evidently registered surprise that she reads them. 

She laughed and said I probably don’t know who all reads this stuff. 

So correct. 

I often sit here typing and I wonder if anyone actually benefits from anything here besides me. 

Then God sends along a sweet person who says something randomly or my cousin in Washington sends me a text, like he did last night, and it means so much. 

I don’t track with any kind of software so your comments from time to time mean the world to me and keep me going. 

Thank you. 

Even though I don’t know who is sitting on the other side of the screen for any given post, I know God has laid on my heart that someone might need to hear a word of encouragement so I hope when you show up here you know, God loves you and sees you and you matter much to Him and to me <3

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  1. Oh gosh….. field tripsCan’t say as I miss them either!!! The kids love them though!!! ❤️

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