Thursday randoms <3


It’s one of those weeks, friends.

So here are some randoms to hopefully brighten your day and I will look for something more meaningful to close out this week.


Random #1

This guy was camping out in the tulip bush on the corner of our patio one morning this week.

Zoom in…

we think a hawk.

He is no small bird to have found a way to perch in this relatively small space right next to our two bird feeders!

It kind of gives new meaning to “bird feeder” when the seed I put attracts lunch for a bigger fellow.

His (or her) feathers were gorgeous and I just sat and watched for the longest time.

Our little feeders were nowhere to be found and he eventually took off…which was also cool to watch. I wanted to alert him to the squirrel that was stealing seed from our neighbors feeders…but don’t speak “hawk”.

Random #2

Christmas is just about put away and I have been adding touches of Valentines.

Do you decorate for Valentines?

I do a little and then I also like to put things out for St. Patty’s Day…and then Easter…and they all pass so quickly. Like Christmas is for 6 weeks and the others get a nod.

I also love little crafting projects for Valentine’s Day and cards…it’s a fun, sweet way to brighten winter.

Nothing better than a homemade Valentine in my book <3

Random #3


So I don’t know what has happened to me, but starting in January I make myself go straight to the basement when I wake up and do some stretches and exercise.

I know.

I am very worried.

Then I head back upstairs and walk right past my coffee pot. I get ready for the day and then, only then, do I make a cup of coffee.

A cup.


I got a new coffee make in December and it has a Keurig option.

A lot of days I make one mug only.

I don’t even know who I am anymore.

Random #4

Are you a puzzler?

I found this gently used one for sale for $5 and couldn’t pass it up. It will fit on our coffee table…woot!!

Russ asked me if I counted all the pieces before I bought it…the thought had crossed my mind but I just stepped out in faith that it does.

Okay folks…that’s it…gotta scoot…miles to go before I sleep and all that.

Have a wonderful day.

Do something creative and fun…and then tell someone what you did.

We need to encourage one another <3

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