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Timing is everything

So when I ended Friday with the idea that I would be starting a series this week, I totally blanked that we had planned a sleepover party for the two older kiddos since no school on Monday.

Papi got the wild idea to get a hotel with access to a pool and burn off some winter house-bound energy.

And while these two were the main event for the sleepover part…

We let in a few party crashers for dinner…


and product testing all the appliances and electronics in the room….

Now I am huddled on the edge of a bed that is being taken up by as much acreage as any six year old can possibly commandeer by spreading his legs, arms and stuffed animals out in an odd array of angles and I can hear deep breathing from Papi and some snores from Emmett a few feet away.

So the series is getting a slow start but a promise is a promise so grab your bible and start reading 1 Samuel 16 because there comes a time in every story of healing when God breaks through the funk and says…

How long are you going to grieve?

It happened for Samuel the prophet after a time of mourning over choices Saul made that left Samuel with soul baggage.

It is one thing when we have to live with the consequences of our own poor choices and regrets….quite another when someone else makes the mess that we are left to move on from.

That’s the kind of healing I want to look at in the next few days…as soon as I catch a few hours of sleep because if these yahoo’s wake up as early here as they do at home, Papi and I are sure to make the 6:00 start of the free breakfast down in the lobby…so for now….I bid you rest and peace and we will (hopefully….) launch into more of this topic on Tuesday.

Oh….and in the meantime…this happened tonight….

Graham wanted to read to me from his Bible and he asked if he could write in it.

I told him probably not but he pointed out that his mommy writes in her bible.

I explained she makes notes….

he explained that was his plan….

like mother…like daughter…like mother…like son….

you may have trouble reading his note so let me help….

“Jesus didn’t retaliate”


No, He didn’t.

Thank you Graham….perfect start to the series <3

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  1. Laura I have to share another price discrepancy story. Hours after reading your blog and adding my response, wouldn’t you know that God would give me another opportunity to put my words into practice. And what transpired gave me hope that we can be transformed, when we prefer others over ourselves. I noticed the sale price of an item I picked up and when I checked out I mentioned to the sales clerk that I thought I’d been overcharged. I offered to go back to double check the price. She said she’d have to send an employee so I walked along with the gal. My words included that I may have been mistaken and I’ve been known to read a display price incorrectly, but I was pretty sure $17.99 was what I read. I live with someone who readily points out when I’ve made mistakes of this kind so that is partly why I’ve been more aware of my shortcomings in this area (and let’s not go into ordering food.). But I ended up being correct and received my refund. I was aware of my progress and gave thanks to God. PS: In retrospect I kind of wish my family member had of been there- but their solution is to just pay what you’re charged and avoid the whole situation, LOL! But where’s the growth potential in that?

    1. Yay for progress!!! I love it when we can look at how we reacted to something and do a praise dance that God IS working in us!!! That’s the Holy Spirit!! Good for you – and yes, that is how I wish I had handled it…but oh well…next time, right? and seriously…nothing wrong with holding a store accountable for their signage and their computer set up. I thank God for the refining I get from family, but it sure doesn’t take the sting away! Bless you Susan. Thanks for sharing <3

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