To Grow or not to Grow

The other day I told a woman that her hair looked nice. She told me she was letting it grow out. Even though I have used this expression myself, it always makes me laugh.

Have we actually given our hair permission to grow after forbidding it to stop growing for a period of time? Of course not. In truth, we have made a decision to not impede the growth of our hair by applying scissors to it.

Ok. Reading back over that, I realize the wisdom of a more succinct, “I’m letting my hair grow out.”

It’s a bit like losing weight. Or allowing God to transform us into the image of His Son. These also involve conscious decisions for what we will allow and what we will avoid.

If we are cutting back calories and exercising, avoiding fatty foods and lounging; we will lose weight. If we are developing a devotional life and seeking to walk with God, turning away from godless behavior and a fleshly mindset; we will be transformed.

All three of these are s-l-o-w processes. They take time and discipline on our part. If you stood and watched me all day today, you won’t see my hair grow, my shape shrink or my character transform. But I am making choices right now to promote all three and little by little, day by day, week by week; you will see changes.

The work that is being done is really happening on its own as I apply the proper principles to each. I do not have the power to make my hair grow or fat disappear or my character conform to that of Christ, but I do have the ability to rule over the things that would prevent these from happening. I also have the power to make the choices that will allow the Holy Spirit to do His complete work in me. It’s called surrender and obedience.

What are you doing today to put yourself in the path of transformation? What are you removing from your life that would hamper it?

If change seems like it is a long time in coming, remember God’s promise to us in Philippians 2:13 – 14. Paul reminds us that as we work out, by living out, our salvation; God’s power is at work within us, causing us to want to do good and to actually do good.

Be blessed as you work out your salvation with fear and trembling <3

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