To press pause…pray…regroup…before we move into the rush of all things holiday <3

Good morning!

As a young mom with five and eight hour drives separating us from family, God raised up a network of friends and surrogate family for Russ and I before we even knew how much we would need each one. 

This was back in the day when connections were made amongst the low bookcases of the children’s department at the library and sitting in the waiting room at the Y while your daughters were in dance class. 

I was clueless about raising young’uns since my babysitting years were less than stellar experiences and we had no siblings with children. 

Every mistake I could possibly make would lead to sudden death, of this I was certain. Thus I parented out of ignorance and fear; yet God graciously sent into my life older and wiser moms who helped me get a grip.

One of them was named Carol and I remember finding a haven in her den while our daughters played with My Little Ponies and we ate her amazing tuna salad sandwiches and drank coffee.

Under the calming and wise influence of this lady, I found out that there just is no perfect parent path … that we are all works in progress and every child is unique and baffling and wonderful and frustrating and in need of us to teach them how to not be in need of us…all in rapid succession…on a continuous loop to adulthood.

One of my favorite expressions she would use was … “currently my schedule is leading me by the nose and it is time to stop and regroup and reprioritize.”

Sound advice as we wind down October and look toward what will be the Grand Finale of 2018. 

On Wednesday evening, Russ and I will hand out candy to approximately 150 children…if last year is any indication of the volume of trick or treaters in our new digs. 

And then Thursday will hit me with the roller coaster that we call the “holidays.”

This knowledge makes me cringe because lately my schedule has been in charge of me and I need to get my horse back in front of the cart before I take on all the many extras that November and December will add to the mix. 

So today I am praying for me and for you that we could take a deep breath. 

And then another….and another….and another. 

That we could take a hard look at what has been driving us and purpose in our hearts to let God set the pace as we finish out 2018.

I am spending some time in prayer and seeking His direction to finish out our Journey together. 


My hope and desire is to close out 2018 with ears tuned and heart turned to what He would have as the focus of our time together. 

Be blessed today in all you do and try to stay out of the candy…ok…maybe just a couple to make sure they are suitable to hand out to the kiddos…<3

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