To take a moment

Yesterday was rather jam-packed from beginning to end, but resting against the back drop of all we did was the remembering….


and as flashes of video¬†from the Twin Towers played on the news…

anyone who was impacted on that day could remember back to where they were when they heard and rushed to their TV’s.

We didn’t live stream from our phones in 2001, or at least I didn’t.

The house phone rang and the neighbor down the street asked if I was watching the news.

I turned our TV on just as the announcers were noticing a second plane approaching.

I sank to my knees and watched in horror as it flew right into the side of the second tower.

Like many, I began to pray as more planes were identified in the attack.

I learned on our first trip to Kenya that on that same day, our Maasai brothers and sisters…

thanks to cell phones…

were passing the news across the Bush area.

And they were praying.


Because we who are in Christ are one…

in Him who saved us.

And no matter who runs the governments and kingdoms…

He Rules.

In the smallest places of your heart…

in the board rooms of the largest corporations…

on every battlefield of every child..

and every nation…


He reigns <3

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