Two birthdays, a wedding and something I never thought of before <3

So this one happened to be in a wedding this weekend here in the area which worked out great because…

this one…

had a birthday palooza that included plenty ‘o sugar…

an impromptu, unlicensed tattoo parlor…

and an opportunity to actually have all three of these treasures in one room for a while…

Then on Sunday we celebrated a second birth day…

when our son-in-law brought this little man to become our brother in Christ through the waters of baptism.


No greater joy <3

It was a full and beautiful weekend and I thank you for indulging me to share some of the fun and joy.

But I want to leave you with something to ponder as you work your way through Monday.

The sermon text before Graham’s baptism was on Joshua 2.

The passage is about Rahab hiding the two spies and while the pastor made many great observations, this one stuck with me because I had never thought of it before.

We tend to focus on the two spies being sent into the city of Jericho to check out the situation.

But evidently they were terrible spies because everyone in town seemed to know they were there and what they were doing.

Also, considering God’s plan was to destroy Jericho without the army actually entering the city, there was really no need to size up the situation from the inside.

So the story we find in Joshua is not really about God sending out special forces for His army, but rather about the plan of salvation for one woman named Rahab and her family.

He reminded us that all of the whole context of God’s Word expressed through Scripture is the story of a rescue mission.

Of a God who is in the business of saving souls…pulling us out of the places where we had no hope of redemption…saving us from who we are because of who He is.

Be blessed to remember this, dear ones.

He is still working salvation stories all around us today <3

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