Voice Recognition

On Saturday, we took a field trip (no pun intended) to visit friends who own a livestock farm. They have chickens and cows and this grandma wanted to see the face of a certain almost three year old that loves animals taking it all in.

The farmer’s wife filled a bucket of feed and led us out to the paddock in hopes of coaxing some of the cattle out from the pasture areas.


No customers…. sooo…….

We headed back to check out the chickens instead, and ran into Farmer Mike.

No luck? He headed to a barn and got a bucket of feed.

As he walked toward the fence, he called out in a loud voice and….


We were treated to a mini-stampede as they all started mooing and running from everywhere!

IMG_0385The response to his voice was immediate.

They know him.

They trust him.



He knows them.

You have a Shepherd who tends you, loves you, feeds you, cares for you.

Listen for His Voice and follow Him <3



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