Weathering the storm

Russ happened to be traveling last night, so when I woke at 2 am trying to figure out what that weird sound was, it was all on me. I finally realized it was the tornado alert. Duh. I was having trouble hearing it over the sound of the house being beaten by monsoon rain and high winds.

I stumbled out of bed and processed a series of thoughts that included….

– a flash forward of the article in the paper where I say I went to the basement and then when I opened the basement door after the storm, the whole house was gone

– I should probably put on more than my nightgown since I may be living in this outfit for a few days as I sort through the rubble

– Guess I better take my cell phone, but probably don’t need the charger since, well, the house will be gone so we won’t have outlets

This is the kind of clear thinking that happens to me when I am awakened by something alarming in the night.

I then put on the new watch Russ got me for Christmas and our anniversary ring (so if they found my body blown to the next county, he would know I was thinking of him). I grabbed my laptop, cause at least if I survived,  I would have a few photographs left to treasure and then I headed down to the basement.

Or at least the main floor.

Because the basement is just not where I want to go at 2 am by myself.

So I  decided to stop and check the situation on the news. I flipped back and forth between local channels, holding my laptop and phone and matches, because of course I also got a candle from the counter.

As I watched the TV, I alternated between relief that it seemed the worst was past our house, prayer for the people I love that were still in its path, slight amusement at how passionately these young weather dudes were tracking the storm while trying to update their Facebook. All of this, while desperately fighting off another imaginary headline.

The one where they report that no warning was given before the tornado hit.

Finally at 2:45 when the weather guy was no longer expressing concern for our town but was seriously focusing on a town an hour away, I took my ring and watch and laptop and phone and candle and matches and vain imaginations back upstairs.

I laid awake for a while praying for the safety of those still in the path, thanked God and finally fell asleep because the next alarm I heard was for morning….

How did you weather the storm?

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