Giving and Receiving


I made some cookies this week for an event and I decided to try mailing some to John. I have always hesitated to do this because I vividly remember my grandma’s attempts to send us homemade goodies from Washington State to wherever we were stationed or living. Sweet gesture, but not a great idea back in the day.

By the time we got them, they were stale and pretty crumbly. And I didn’t think that was such a great thing for John to get.

But then I realized that package travel has been greatly improved since the Pony Express days of my youth, and two days in airtight ziplock protection might be worth a try.

Besides….I’m thinking that if I am still remembering my grandma bothering to package up homemade cookies for us and send all the way across the U.S. of A. just so we would know she loved us …. well….that’s worth $6.25 and an unplanned trip back up north to the post office any old day.

Because love gives.


I got this work of art for Mother’s Day. I am pretty sure a matching one is prominently displayed at Gammy’s house across town.

If you look close, those two butterflies wings are footprints of two very special grandchildren. Graham still talks about giving me “dose two butterfwies”.

“Do you remember dem Lola?”

Oh yes. I do. When I look at them, I not only think of the little feet that were dipped in paint, I think of the daughter and son-in-law who love us and make things for us with their children.

Because love gives.

And love receives.

The giving and receiving flow back and forth. Like the ebb and flow of the tide, the rhythm continues and we give and receive, give and receive.

Yes, blessed are the givers; but blessed also are the receivers as they give thanks.

May you be blessed today as you both give and receive to those you love and those who love you <3

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