Wednesday check in <3

pc/Russ aka Papi

I have exactly 37 minutes to post this and get myself presentable to head out the door.

So some quick randoms and then the fastest transformation since Jane Jetson went through that fantastic machine that took her from bedhead to beautiful.

If you are new to the blog, this is one of those days we call “Random Wednesday”…and so in no particular order…here are the first five thoughts as I type.

<3 The above cuteness was sent to me from Papi this morning. He has kid duty up north today. Note the large sliver handle to Joel’s left. That would be a mop. I’m sure he is being super helpful.


<3  We have our first exam in Espanol tonight and I am having flashbacks of my less than stellar academic performance in far too many classes in college.

It’s all coming back to me how I can start out with good intentions and fall short.

Muey unpleasant memories.

Pray for me.

Por favor.

<3 I get email notifications from “Linkedin” frequently that inform me of the number of searches I have appeared in recently.

I cannot imagine how highly disappointed the searcher was when they found me.

I’m so sorry…probably better just to look for me here.

But after I have done that Space-Age-conveyor-belt-fix-myself-up-to-look-better thing.

<3 This is the last picture I have of our entire family all together in one place and I am just going to say it’s time for an updated one.


<3 If you ask me, this should be a perfectly healthy meal.

I think it is highly unfair that it isn’t.

I’m done.

Get out there and make today count for something good.

You are loved.

Come back tomorrow.

I will miss you if you don’t <3

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