Wednesday check in


Today is a big day in our nation and I join the prayers of many who are praying for a peaceful transition. We, as Christians are called to support our leaders – all of our leaders – with our prayers and to live peacefully and to work towards the prosperity of the place where we have been set to live. 

It’s a big day for me as I will be having that little procedure on my knee and while I often complain that if I just knew what was going to be happening to me on a given day I would feel so much better, it turns out that knowing what is most likely going to happen sometimes is still a little scary. 

Sometimes the known is still fraught with unknowns and so as I write this tonight before heading to bed, I am thankful for the prayers of many and the peace that carries me. 

There are so many who are facing health treatments, surgeries, chemo…along with financial strains, school tensions, anxiety and depression to name a few. While the events that are happening tomorrow in Washington D.C. are historical and bathed in some seriously conflicting and polar reactions, the stuff of every day life under your roof and mine is no less of interest to our God. My heart is filled with your names and faces as we lift you continually throughout each day.

So may the same God that watches over the affairs of the White House, watch over your house, my house and the houses of people all over the world. May He be honored and glorified across this earth that He made and loved enough to send His Son to save. May He refine us and draw us all to Him today and every day. 

His mercies are new every morning. They never run out. He is faithful. 

Be blessed and rejoice in the God of Hope for He has poured His love into us <3

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