Wednesday Randoms….


Wednesday randoms …. Again 

Happy Wednesday! 

Randoms today in no particular order include:


As I mentioned, Russ traveled to Austin to help John with his move to a new apartment this weekend and I decided to finally use one of the pillow forms I have had stashed in two basements now. 

Anyone else have a craft supply problem? 

I thought so. 

Well, here is the result of me finding some Valentine fabric at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 and googling YouTube for “how to make an envelope pillow cover.” 

It’s making me smile and I can’t wait to find some shamrocks on fabric to make one for next month. 


The homeschooling adventure for Team Maxwell has been going since the day the schools shut down back in whatever year this ugly pandemic reared its nasty head. 

Some days are good and some days are hard but these kiddos are getting a strong education and we are so proud of mom and dad for the efforts going into it. 

Case in point, Emmett built quite an elaborate manor house and such with his Lincoln logs yesterday and asked to borrow my phone so he could take a picture. Last night I was looking through the day’s photos and noticed two videos. 

As I watched and listened to him describe his creation, the descriptors were pretty impressive, but I lost it when he showed the smallest home and narrated it as, “and here is just a humble cottage.” 

Oh my gosh. 

He could either be an architect or a writer or both. 



Yesterday’s post was one I shared with much prayer, but the ones I heard back from make me thankful I took the leap of faith. 

As I read through other things I wrote that weekend, I found we revisited emotions and such and she asked us to write a letter about what “love” would say to us.

The hostess of the conference, Tricia Lott Williford, said that she has found if she lets her fear speak first and then Love speak next, the Love helps cancel out the fear. 

That’s scriptural you know. 

I am praying and debating sharing the second letter. We shall see what God leads me to tomorrow…but for now…thanks for the feedback on yesterday <3 

You know who you are. 


I mentioned a while back that this year I have been leaning towards tea after my first cup of coffee. 

Sarah bought me a set of bamboo straws to use when drinking tea and coffee to help with minimizing stains from both the teeth. 

I can’t bring myself to drink coffee this way, but the method works great with tea. 

Today’s choice of tea is a Republic of Tea I got at Tournesol – Lemon Balm Kiwi Tea. 

It is very good and refreshing – no caffeine. 

Gasp…what am I even saying? Yes…I have even reduced my caffeine intake this year. 

A couple of other favorites are a looseleaf green tea with mint that I got a year or so ago from a local coffee shop. I had to buy a whole bag but it is so good and invigorating. And a cinnamon tea that is dynamic and refreshing from Harney & Sons. 

So there you have my tea choices and I recommend this kettle as it has a thermometer in the top of the lid. It is made by Stagg.

What is your favorite tea?

Seriously…I want to know.


Speaking of Valentines, which I did in #1…

We have started the process of overusing glue and glitter in preparation for February 14th. 

If you are going to carry too many craft supplies in your cupboards, you may as well drag them out and let the little ones be creative. 

I found “Just an Old Fashioned Love Song” by Three Dog Night on Youtube for them and played it on a loop while they made their creations.

Caroline loved it and can now sing the chorus. 

I couldn’t be happier….hope her parents enjoy it today <3

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