Wednesday Randoms <3


Perfect day for randoms if you ask me….it is Wednesday…the temps here on the prairie are in the 50’s and so are the wind gusts. Spring must be stirring and we are probably in for a roller coaster of weather for the next six weeks. 

So here are some thoughts that are blowing around in my head as we embrace the middle of another week:


As I was reading through old notes and commentary on Sabbath rest last week, I came across this quote from Eugene Peterson that has just been ruminating in my mind quite often.

“Time is the medium in which we do all living. When time is desecrated, life is desecrated. The most conspicuous evidences of this desecration are hurry and procrastination. Hurry turns away from the gift of time in a compulsive grasping for abstractions that it can possess and control. Procrastination is distracted from the gift of time in a lazy inattentiveness to the life of obedience and adoration by which we enter the ‘fullness of time’ (Galatians 4:4) Whether by a hurried grasping or a procrastinating inattention, the holiness of time is violated.”

Eugene Peterson, Commentary on Genesis 1, The Message Study Bible

I think about in my personal life, I usually procrastinate because I don’t want to do the thing that needs to be done or I don’t know exactly how to do it so I put it off. 

This seems to lead to hurry as I then am rushed to get somewhere or finish a project or prepare for some event. As I hurry, I am firing off excuses in my head as to what made me run out of time and I am berating myself for always putting things off. 

A foolish cycle to be sure. And as I look at the wording “the gift of time…the medium in which we do all living,” it occurs to me that I tend to think of time as some task master bossing me around or a wild-child that I must muscle into obedience. 

My musing on this quote has made me more aware to view both procrastination and hurry as not just an annoying cycle, but enemies of the holiness of the gift of time. 


I realize that was a bit much, so on a lighter note of randoms – I had told Russ that after Valentine’s Day, I would remove the last of the evergreens and lights from the front porch and take down all the Christmas card pictures that are hanging on our book case. 

The day has come. 

While I am at it, I may as well move the last of the snowmen and hearts and such down to the storage area because we only have a short time to embrace all things Irish and then we can think Spring for sure!



Do you participate in Lent as a time of preparation? 

I do and am praying for how we will journey through Lent this year. 

And finally…because I have some chores to do so here is our last random today…



I am not investing too emotionally in this post because I got an email this morning that the host server for this website migrated all databases to a new system in the wee hours of the morning and I am scared beyond words that there are tech things happening that will mess the whole gig up. 

Thankfully I have hired a tech whiz friend to help straighten out any messes, but not sure when that will happen. 

And if you haven’t guessed, dealing with technology is one of my big procrastination temptations…pray for me. 

Hey…I will just stop right now and pray for you too! Don’t know what your day has going on that is making you want to run the other way or has you ON the run…but you are doing great. I am cheering for you and I know God is right there beside you helping you just as He is helping me!

Hugs and I will see you tomorrow <3

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