Weekend recap <3

Our internet was out yesterday and we are up at an early hour as we head out soon for a day with the kiddos.

This past weekend we took a quick getaway to Nashville (sorry to our young friends who are down there…we weren’t sure our schedule so didn’t plan a meet up).

The trip was a Christmas present from two sweet husbands to us..and one of them caught this photo…for which I am deeply grateful.

We arrived Friday afternoon and enjoyed the 70 degree weather for a bit on a roof top in the Broadway area.

Met the nicest young trio of couples from Maryland and enjoyed the best little sliders I believe I have ever tasted.

Then it was out that crazy area before the sun set and we headed to the Opryland hotel.

It is incredibly beautiful and so well staffed. We found out they take very good care of their employees – even providing housing, day care and transportation for them as needed.

We got lost a lot of times but enjoyed every beautiful surprise it had to offer…

The big point of the trip was a train ride on Saturday with the Tennessee Central Railway on a vintage (well..as old as we are) train.

Before we left the hotel we enjoyed one of the prettiest breakfast buffets ever…

Again on the train, we met such nice people and enjoyed the slow train ride and visiting with them.

We traveled to a little down called Watertown, which was so tiny and had just a few restaurants and shops.

Our foursome ended up with a table in an old school cafe…

where we had a great burger lunch (there seems to be a theme here with burgers) and such sweet waitress.

We wandered the shops in a much colder weather situation than the day before!

Another lovely and restful train ride back visiting with our new friends and then back to the hotel for a yummy brisket dinner.

Sunday morning we hit the road early with a breakfast stop in Paducah at the Gold Rush Cafe…where more calories were consumed and home for the Super Bowl.

Best. Weekend. Ever.

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  1. It was truly a fantastic weekend with the greatest of friends that God truly put in our path years ago . I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us as travel companions and the best friends ever .

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