Wednesday Randoms <3


Randoms for Wednesday:

Random #1 


Today is a special day in our house because we celebrate the birth of our Sarah. 

A few years ago on her birthday, she told me she had awakened with a memory of a birthday morning from her childhood. She said she remembered opening her eyes and seeing a giant plastic purple bubble type glass on her nightstand with a happy birthday greeting. 

I had seen the glass at Walmart probably and thought it was fun and nabbed it for a special birthday treat for her. 

At the time of her recollection, I can tell you the gesture and the glass were long buried in the far archives of my own memory. Her words launched them front and center and I could picture the very glass she spoke of. Where it is now, I haven’t a clue. I am sure if it was within my power, I would have it stashed somewhere with all the other memorabilia I can’t seem to part with. 

Let me tell you, birthdays were true holidays in our family and I made every effort to start and end the day letting each one know they were super special and we were absolutely delighted they had been born. I shopped for meaningful gifts and made whatever breakfast, lunch and dinner they wanted. 

I did the birthday parties with as many kids as we could pack into the house or yard, complete with themed cakes and games as near to the actual day as we could pull off. 

And yet, it was a silly purple plastic over-sized tumbler that she remembered that morning and as I recall, she said she felt loved remembering. 

Mission accomplished. 

You never know what small thing will be a reminder to someone how much they are loved. So do all the little and big things that are on your heart for the people you love. They are worth it <3

Random #2


Speaking of birthdays, this year my birthday will mark my official launch into Medicare and discussions of Social Security. 

Just putting that out there because maybe if I say it enough, I will actually believe I am at this point in the journey. 

We went and talked with a gal who is an expert in the navigation of the tangled web of government red tape. As we finished the conversation, I mentioned that she had helped me with my own mother when the big change came in selecting what plan you were on. 

She was sweet and said she remembered it. 

Thank God for people who understand this stuff and help us through. 

I have gotten a ton of “helpful” letters since the start of the year from all kinds of agencies who look official. They are not. 

Everyone we talk to who has gone through the process says it is confusing and unclear as to what is best. As far as I can see, it is like anything having to do with insurance…and government…it’s a gamble and only God knows what future health will look like for me. 

So we pray and go with our best information and inclination and trust God to provide. Just like He has all along for us. 

Random #3


Yesterday I finished our last bag of bird seed for the season. The thistle feeder will get moved over away from the chairs we sit in to read and chat on summer evenings and the main feeder will get a bath and head to storage in the garage. 

I am going to miss watching the morning breakfast club, but I will not miss cleaning off chairs and the patio furniture every time we want to eat or visit or read. While I love watching them out the window, I am not up for sharing my actual personal space with them. 

Do you feed birds? And if so, do you keep your feeders up year round? 

Random #4


I don’t know if you are a fan of essential oils or not, but I have a little testimony for you. 

Yesterday I had some bulbs that needed planting. Before you panic and want to inform me that you need to plant those in the fall, these were special ones that are to be planted now. 

I had about a dozen to plant and so I set to work with my spade in an area around the patio. In order to avoid any more discomfort to my already aching-constantly-back, I was careful to use a stool to sit upon as I did my digging.

Cause, you know, almost a medicare patient and not my first rodeo. 

Well, my back was grateful but I forgot about the part where constant pressure on the inside of the palm of your hand with a wooden tool produces a blister. 

Sure enough as I washed the garden dirt off my hands, I felt the familiar sting of the curse of Adam. Right in the center of my palm was a tell-tale red mark. We had to load up for our after school pick up so I hurriedly rolled some Frankincense over the offense and headed to the car. 

By early evening I could see the white raised part of a blister forming, so when I got home I rolled it again before heading to bed. In the night I got up for a drink of water and applied another roll and this morning, I am not kidding, the blister is gone. There is a faint pink mark and it is only slightly tender to the touch. 

Some of these oils do a fantastic job. I know that Lavender applied to a bruise when it first occurs and then as it heals has drastically improved my recovery time. Do your research, be wise, and at least try some of them. 

Random #5


The sun is shining. 

It is not freezing. 

I am headed out for a walk with a friend. 

I hope you are having a good Wednesday 

The end <3

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