Wednesday Randoms (and for some reason I used a lot of parentheses today)


Randoms for today… just off the top of my head <3

Random #1


I just saw a commercial right before I walked in here to type this and it gave me chills. It was an invitation to get on board with (even providing a QR code on our TV) and to join the “Wisdom Artificial Intelligence” movement. 

There are so many thoughts swirling around my head. But I will pitch two of the top ones your way. 

First. Wisdom and Artificial Intelligence are polar opposites. 

Second. How about we started using some real intelligence in this world. 


I am done. 

I could preach an entire sermon on this, but will just mull it over in my own mind for the rest of the day. 

Random #2


Yesterday I mentioned that I am moving into Fall, Y’all (sorry, thanks to Instagram, I can’t say just “Fall” anymore and tend to use Autumn for that very reason). 

I got a sweet text from my cousin Kenny out in the PNW that let me know there were three weeks of summer left. He used “Laura Jean” in the text, so I know he was serious. (Insert a grin here)

I responded that if I don’t start Fall right at the beginning of September, it’s gone too quickly because around here, Christmas goes up right after Halloween for a lot of people. He agreed it’s the same out there. 

But seriously, I do love fall and if I go by the weather, I absolutely will miss the fun so my mind is switching to all things Fa…I mean Autumn, as of today. 

Random #3

Speaking of Instagram (a few paragraphs back), thanks to some posts I follow I developed a longing for a cast iron dutch oven sometime last year. Research began and of course I was then flooded with more choices since…Artificial Intelligence picked up on my interest. 

They are super expensive, but recently I saw one advertised by someone who seems to do pretty good research herself. I ended up ordering this one and it arrived yesterday. 

I hope it turns out to be a good purchase, and if it does, I will let you know. Or even if it doesn’t. Stay tuned. 

In the meantime, I am somewhat amazed at the power of influencers in my consumer life. 

Random #4


Yesterday Graham had a school baseball game that was against a team with two of his summer team mates. 

It was hard and yet fun to see them play against each other.

You could see the sportsmanship and the camaraderie and it was like watching little boys grow into decent men. The parents were so sweet after the game and we all decided it was a difficult task to play against your buddies and we look forward to next summer even more. 

They gathered after the game for a picture together and as I walked up I just kind of said softly that seeing them together in their different uniforms with arms linked was the cutest thing ever. 

A man I don’t know, who I assessed to be even older than me, scoffed at my comment and said boys that age don’t like to be called cute and I better watch what I say. 

I refrained from expressing to him my thoughts about him and how he wasn’t so cute.

Instead I told him I was a grandma and I get a pass for that, to which he shook his head and said to just be careful. 

I hope he won’t be coming the the summer games.

Also, he totally would have lectured me an hour later because…

Random #5


We helped Rachel with dinner, baths and homework starts after the game and she asked me if I could help Graham get his eye black off. 

I stood at the bathroom counter, literally looking him in the eye as I put the final stage of removal product on him. He was grinning at me with his braces and hair all askew from hat and helmet and I asked him where my little Grahammybear had gone. 

I got a big hug and an “I love you Lola” and all I can say to the man who dissed me is…take that, my friend.

Grandma passes are good for a lifetime. 

Have a great day! 

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