Wednesday Randoms of blooms and offspring and such <3

Well, it’s Wednesday and it seems a good day for randoms. So here we go…

Random #1

What is the deal with plants this summer? And please don’t say “global warming”. Maybe that is happening but it seems like so much of a buzzword for every problem right now, I don’t want to engage in discussion about it. 

I do know the fluctuations in temperatures have been erratic and the rainfall has come too much and then too little. My flower friends tell me that the plants do better with God watering them than me from the hose and I feel that may be a contributing factor. 

Also we have had the bad air quality many days that most of the country is suffering from. Our zinnias and pollinators have done well. The hibiscus finally decided to show up and show off and the begonias, impatiens and nasturtiums all seemed to thrive. 

But some other diehards like geraniums, rose moss and whatever the heck I planted in a big pot on the front porch have withered and passed. In conversations with others I find the same is true for them. 

I had a pansy that grew all summer long, which is unheard of in these parts. I am pulling out the really sad ones already. 

Which leads to….

Random #2

While we wait for the arrival of several fund-raiser mums we sponsored, I picked up some $3.99 mums from Aldi’s. 

Run, do not walk, to your nearest Aldi’s before they disappear. Well. You probably should drive unless you live really close. But definitely hurry.

I have bought these the last several years and they do great. Especially as filler in pots as summer plants wither away. 

Okay, enough plant talk.

Random #3

We are counting down the hours now until John comes for a visit. 

He usually comes for his birthday in July, but we twisted the table and went to visit him this year with Graham. Maybe you saw the photos from the Rangers game. 

Way back in June he asked about maybe coming for a U of I game and taking his dad, so they are going to go this weekend. 

Praying for no snags on the airlines and a cool house and full fridge to be ready for his arrival. The time will fly too fast. It always does. 

Random #4


Speaking of football, we are enjoying a plethora of fall sports courtesy of the Band of Brothers.

Joel is finally old enough to play real soccer like his heroes. Graham is playing Jr. High Baseball, Graham and Emmett made the Jr. High soccer team at their school and are also playing league soccer. 


So if you need us, we will be in a yard chair along some field for the next six weeks before we switch to our bleacher seats for basketball. 

And yes. We have the t-shirts. 

Random #5


For Christmas last year, we were gifted a Skylight photo frame from Randy and Sonja (Russ’s brother and wife). That is not a photo of it, but you can see we are no strangers to having our picture taken…that was the Target monitor.

This little gem of an electronic picture frame has an app attached to my phone whereby I can send photos to add to the slide show. Family can email us photos and let me tell you, it is an absolute delight. 

This summer as our various family were traveling, I would see a notice of new photos added. I have the slide show set to run from 6 – 10 PM. I would press that little bar and there would be smiling faces of cuteness from all over the country. 

When memory photos pop up on my iPhone, I will send to the Skylight. 

The result is a parade of old favorites and new adventures as we pass through or work around the kitchen. 

I absolutely love it – way better than a photo album – and if you are looking for a gift for someone, this is amazing. 

Okay, that’s all. 

Miles to go before I sleep, so I am signing off. 

Have a great day! 


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