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Wednesday Randoms on the fly <3


This is not actually growing in our garden. But things are starting to shoot up from the ground and we are hopeful. Very hopeful.

So for your Wednesday, here are a few randoms.


Did you notice we have the new and improved Journey Onward website?

I told you Merri was working her magic and I love how it turned out.

That photo of me with the green backpack was the brain child of our Rachel. She thought it was perfect for the Journey.

The backpack was purchased when we were heading to Walt Disney World when our three were so young. I think it may have been around 1994. I knew I would need my hands free and plenty of places to stash snacks and such so I found this on sale somewhere.

It has traveled to Mexico and England and Kenya and all over the place and I love it and the memories it brings me.

I hope you find the new way the posts appear to be clean and easy to access. Russ gave me the stamp of approval as more user friendly and I am so thankful for my tech friend’s talents.



Do you love crafting with little people?

Is the goal to combine art with purpose?

Let me share something else my friend Merri Dennis does with her tech skills.

She has a website where she offers Bible crafts for all ages. There are some easy downloads you can purchase with coloring pages and creative projects for holidays and every days.

Here is her link.


Please subscribe to her page – she does not flood your inbox, but you will receive updates of new crafts.



I was reading an article about Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, and how she lost quite a bit of weight.

If I were eating at Ree Drummond’s house regularly, I tremble to think what size I would be.

Anyhoo…she had gained enough weight to be unhealthy and unhappy so she decided to do something about it.

No fad diets, no counting calories or carbs, no drinking shakes.

She drank more water, paid attention to her portions, cut out empty calories of sweets and beverages and added more movement into her daily routine.

And she lost the excess weight and feels better.

So basic.

Eat less, eat better, replace empty calorie beverages with water, move more.

Why do we complicate things?

We do it with our mental and physical health.

We do it with our relationships.

We do it with our faith walk.

We know the basics, but something twisted in us is always looking for a newer, better, easier way to do the things that are necessary to maintain a healthy life and perspective.

I am reminded of the best advice I have received in life – keep it simple. Hone in on the basic principles of the task at hand and pursue doing those things in a disciplined way.

Results are sure to follow.



So what are basic disciplines of growing in your faith as a follower of Christ?

Bible reading and study, meditation, prayer, worship and community.

Additionally, there is fasting, giving, service, and tithing.

There are probably more, but that is a good place to start.

Simple things that don’t involve running out and buying books or signing up for teachings about.

Just doing them, start somewhere and build…this is how disciplines are done.

Like Ree…and her diet…one day at time, making the right choices as to what you take in and what you avoid…and you will see results.


We had a lovely Easter with John in Texas.

It went too fast and was most likely not at all like some of your traditional Easter weekends.

We ate Barbecue for Easter lunch and our dinner one night was a hot dog at the movies. Instead of hunting eggs, there were tennis and pickle ball games with various friends. Okay…Russ and John played with the friends, I read in the shade.

We saw two movies and lots of Austin driving hither and yon and we enjoyed his church’s 11:00 service. It all went too fast and I got dehydrated, not from the heat but from tears that we had to say goodbye again.

But it was wonderful.

So I leave you with two movie reviews and two great Easter sermons to listen to.

We saw the new Sandra Bullock movie (who actually lives in Austin), which was silly and hilarious and if you love her, you will enjoy the movie. We also saw The Outfit, which centers around the mob so there is a fair amount of language and blood…but also very good if you like mystery type stories that keep your brain engaged.

And then I highly recommend catching the two sermons we listened to – one live and one on video:

Antioch Austin Easter sermon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cT31vvuqUz0

First Christian Church Easter sermon: https://www.firstdecatur.org/messages/easter-2022/

Okay there you have it…the silly and the sublime…have a great Wednesday.

You are loved <3

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