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This Friday we call Good <3


Hey Friends…before I start today’s post, I want you to know that you may be noticing different looks to the website this next few weeks. The wonderful Merri Dennis is working on refreshing the site and we are honing in on what the finished product will look like. She is so talented and I am thankful for her help. So be patient and don’t be surprised by the different headers you may see…we will land on the perfect one for the Journey. Thanks for being a part of it <3


It is that Friday we call good and I am thankful we know why it was so good for us. Russ and I attended the service of meditation at FCC last night and it was beautifully done. We appreciate so much the heart and work that went into creating this experience and the man-hours of staff and volunteers who are making it possible. 

I am confessing to you that I did not observe Lent in the way I normally do. I have not given up anything (except exercise and a healthy diet…sigh) and I have not devoted myself to a discipline of study as I have done in past years. 

But that being said, I have sought to sit in the presence of my Savior – not because of Lent, but because of a need to rest in Him and draw near to Him and process some of the recovery that has surfaced from the onslaught of the past few years in our world, in the community of believers and in my personal journey. 

Yesterday we got to visit Caroline’s school for Grandparents’ day and we were all a bit weepy to be together again in such a way. Everything seemed more poignant.

 As we walked into the back of the auditorium filled with chairs facing a wall of children seated by class in the bleachers, we could spot our sweet girl. Her eyes were searching the incoming assortment of folks our age and we were doing what parents and grandparents do in such a situation…waving and hoping to catch her eye. 

Suddenly her little furrowed brow relaxed as her eyes and smile widened, and she waved enthusiastically. She had found us. 

Her other grandma was already seated and as we took our place next to her, the waving continued from all parties. Around us others were waving and little ones responding back with smiles and waves. All of us were really doing the same thing, but eyes were locked on the beloved relationship with only one child. 

Last night at the communion table (spoiler alert if you haven’t been) they offered a stop after the bread and the cup. On the table were mirrors placed so that we could look into them and recognize that God died for us. Individually as well as collectively. 

When we take communion, we do so in community understanding and celebrating that God so loved the WORLD … that He gave His only Son. 

Sometimes this is easier to do than to look into the mirror at my own face and say He died for me. 

I look in the mirror numerous times each day. With each glance I assess if my hair is behaving, if my mascara is trailing down under my eyes…if my teeth need to be brushed or am I developing yet another “smile line”? 

But communion and salvation and Good Friday and Easter are about me realizing that the God who formed me in His image and loved me before I even knew Him sent His Son to earth to live and to die for me so that we could lock eyes across time and space. To think that He longs for each of us to be searching all that could be offered to us, just like Caroline, and then suddenly we finally see Him for who He is and we wave, frantically wave with great joy, as He literally runs to meet us like any good, good Father would. 

I pray you sense His love for you today. 

I pray you to fully understand and comprehend and know that great love of God is for you. 


I pray you experience the joy that comes from knowing that you are known, understood and deeply, eternally, loved.

I pray you have a reflective Good Friday and a contemplative Saturday and a joyous Resurrection Sunday. 


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  1. Love this, Laura! May you and Russ have a joyous Resurrection Sunday, more in love with our Savior than ever!

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