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Well God, when You put it that way…. <3


This morning I finally got through the bulk of Job.

I finished off where Job’s youngest friend is beginning his assessment of all that has been said. I love how he says he had kept his mouth shut because age should bring wisdom, however he now was convinced that older does not mean wiser. 

I heartily amen that comment, Elihu. 

Right before he speaks out though, is some of the most painful lines of this whole difficult book. 

Job has silenced his critical friends and begins a long dissertation where he invites God to meet him face to face and just line out all the accusations He might wish to voice. 

Then Job opens up his own performance record on every area he can imagine…

  • Integrity in business
  • Diligence in worship
  • Generosity in caring for the poor
  • Kindness towards strangers
  • Meekness with the downcast
  • Responsible in parenting
  • Provision and protection for employees…

It goes on and on. 

And I cringe because I can hear this portion in my own voice. 

When I have been maligned or forgotten or misunderstood or injured, I begin first by asking what I did wrong and then very quickly jumping to defend myself on all accounts. 

I pull up all the things that would certainly put in me in a place of being blameless and stack the record in my favor. 

I am not alone. 

This is human nature. 

All of us at some point or many points have been much like Job and his friends. 

When we look at the book of Job, we see so clearly what we often miss in our dealings with God. 

We see a man who would like to put God on the stand and cross examine Him as to His motives and heart and character. 

We become the defense attorney for ourselves and we call forth our own view of our deeds as witnesses in our favor. 

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. 

I am excited for tomorrow. 

I know how this book of Job ends. 

After Elihu has his say, God answers Job. 

God shows up and starts asking the questions. 

If it had a soundtrack with it, it would be swelling and compelling and majestic as God asks Job about where he was when the foundations of the world were laid.

Has he been where snow is made?

Does he have a record book to count all the stars and clouds and can he commission the rain to fall?

Did he teach the hawk to fly or the lioness to hunt? 

In one beautiful verse after another, God reminds Job and He reminds me, that HE IS GOD.

And when I know who He is, who I am changes drastically.

Knowing who God is and being put in my rightful place is incredibly faith building. 

God’s word is alive….read it…study it…live it <3

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