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What color is YOUR thumb?

IMG_1089We received this beautiful plant when Russ’s mom passed and it became very important to me that it do well and dare I say, thrive, in our home.

I knew it would take much prayer and not a few consultations with google and a friend we call the Plant Whisperer….

My own mother could grow plants just by sticking any green thing in a pot of dirt.

I’m serious.

She and my dad would travel for months at time and she would take all her plants from around the house down in the basement the day they left. On returning she would clip everything down and it was like one of those time-lapse photographs that show a lush garden springing up in a matter of minutes.

Her African Violets bloomed constantly and she had a Philodendron that lived in their home longer than I did. It had more descendants than Abraham from all the cuttings she took over the years, giving them away as starters to others or putting in new pots around the house. The woman grew a Shamrock plant and kept it alive…for years.

I did not inherit this.


I…am known in the plant kingdom as


…the Terminator.

So when our poor Lily began to look worse and worse, I called the Plant Whisperer and he said to trim away anything that looked brown and set her outside in filtered light…


and … cut away more anythings that looked brown…and well…things worsened so…


he suggested that perhaps I bring her to their house for a little R and R….

and TLC ..

and a lot less me.

They told me they were leaving the garage open and I could just put her over under the
“grow lights”.

Since I obviously am NOT a “plant person”, I worried a bit that I would not know what “grow lights” look like….

but my fear was unfounded….

Version 3

Yes, that’s our sorry little Lily plunked down in the middle of paradise.

When I texted this picture to them and asked if I needed to mark the pot so they would know which one was the sick one, I received the response that he is a Plant Doctor…not Jesus….

Which made me laugh and also made me think…sometimes my soul feels like Lily…I don’t think there is much more that could be pruned away and yet…touches of blight and disease threaten to take me down…pesky mites nibble at my roots and I don’t need a doctor or advice or therapy or a break…

I need Jesus.

Plain and simple.

Are you weary? He asks

Are you heavy laden?  He asks


Come…come to Me…and I will give you rest…nourishment…just the right light…so that you can grow and bear much fruit…He says…

and I go…

God bless you today as you thrive in His love and care, He is in the business of making you flourish…go to Him <3


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