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The thing about being real with people…


There is something that has been weighing on me so I’m going to let you in on a little bit of insight about me…

Last week I posted a simple picture of me and our new little guy at the hospital. I was honest…I had not washed my hair for several days and I had no makeup on…and you all were just so sweet and clicked like and either commented or caught me personally to tell me I looked fine.

Some kind-hearted people sent messages through Russ…who laughed as he told me because, as we both said at the same time…ain’t no way on God’s green earth that picture would have made the internet if I didn’t feel like I looked presentable in it.

Cause I don’t mind you seeing me the way I am as long as I can approve the picture first…and that’s the thing about full disclosure…it really needs to go through a filter.

Listen…you have to be related to me by blood or the covenant of marriage to see me first thing in the morning…and really that is for your own protection. It takes a deep level of love to handle a sight like that…..

And I think we can apply that to being “real” with people about our lives.

Yes, we want to be transparent and honest and open about our struggles and shortcomings and faults and the REALITY of who we are and the circumstances we are walking through…


…but sometimes our baring of everything before the eyes of entire public world would expose more than they can handle, appreciate…need to know…

Behind that semi-transparent tent apparatus is the guts of our kitchen sans cabinets…the tools and equipment of the man who is doing the work…and a lot of mess…and you really don’t need to see it.

I do believe that we don’t have to keep up a false image of perfection, and I am glad for the Church of this age to be more honest about their struggles…but I also would say that sometimes less is more as we share the details of the work God is doing in us and others.

Bottom line…I think the first person we need to be raw and honest and open and baring all of our soul to is the only One who can do something about it…and then…by His leading and guidance….share with those in the community of faith, with discretion and discernment only as much as God has allowed through the filter of His love, grace, mercy and discipline.

We are imperfect and flawed and works in progress…and this is probably more evident to others than we give them credit for =0)

As we process the process, we are blessed to share the journey in fellowship and community with others…but we are more blessed to be broken FIRST in fellowship and communion with the One who formed us and is perfecting us…the One who tore the veil…the One who transcends our circumstances and transforms us… the Author and Perfecter of our faith…our Brother…our Friend…our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ <3


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  1. Well lucky for me, I’m not related to you by blood or marriage and I still got to see you first thing in the am a while back……ha ha great post Laura, you are so Blessed with words….

    1. haha!!!! I should have mentioned that home improvement contracts fall under this category!! but are sworn to secrecy

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