What I heard when I “Be Still”-ed….

By the time you read this on Tuesday…if you read this on Tuesday…I will be most likely be well on my way into a day that is scheduled from 5:45 AM to 2 PM at this point.

So this will be quick and from my heart to yours.

I wonder and pray…is this a word sent from God just for me or one to share?

So I guess if it is not to be shared…He can shut down the internet or make it disappear off the grid…but at this point here is what I want to impart to you today.

I followed the teachings to Be Still.

And I applied them.

And on Sunday morning in the small window of silence offered at the end of the service, I had two distinct impressions.

The first was a prayer that my tummy wouldn’t growl in the silence because I remembered I had forgotten to grab breakfast so all that was swirling around in my digestive arena was close to 8 cups of coffee.

Don’t judge me.

The second was that still small voice I so often long to hear but somehow don’t.

I always think it is going to tell me some divine blue print in bullet points that I can nail down and take with me to finish this race with that elusive perfection and ease I sense is just around the next corner.

Or He is going to get to the root of what is wrong with me and lay it out there in clear terms and then tell me to get with it.

But no.

This is what I heard whispered across the blank page of a heart stilled and quieted and ready to listen…..

<3 Take your ministry seriously

<3 Stop apologizing for it and belittling it

<3 Believe in it and …

<3 Believe in Me

<3 Believe that I gave it to you…and I will equip you…and lead you.

That was it.

And it was everything I needed to hear.

Have you stopped and truly quieted your heart to listen for His voice?

He speaks life …. L.I.F.E.

and life-giving Truth <3


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  1. Oh Laura! Yes, I have this same understanding. Where I am, who I am around, what I have, and Who I have are just what I need to serve God in a way that pleases Him. I love Mother Teresa’s words: “I am a little pencil in the writing hand of God who is sending a love letter to the world.” And also her quote: “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” Let’s be about our Father’s work!

    1. Oh I love both those quotes…and her precious little life where she served obediently all those years without a sense of His nearness…and yet she believed…how He must have welcomed her Home with all the love she thought she had missed <3

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