What in the world?


If I am reading the news correctly, among other things…

<3 The vote in Great Britain “won” with a near split decision…cause I’m thinking if you are that close to 50% yes/50% no…that’s a whole lot of people who don’t agree and…

<3 From articles I have looked at, many had to google what it meant AFTER they voted…which I totally get because how on earth can we mere mortals understand the intricacies of world systems???


<3 Here on the home front… I am seriously disillusioned by the fact that the winning of a campaign can come down to not raising enough money FOR the campaign…which totally flies in the face of every grade school teacher who stood up in front of our class during the Social Studies hour and told us that in America….ANYONE can be the president.

<3 Okay. I got over that a long time ago…but definitely when I saw the documentary on one campaign where chairs were covertly replaced on the stage for a debate so the candidate would feel comfortable in the chair he had practiced in…help me.

So here is where I land…and yes…this will not be political and will be very random….


I do not have a clue about how government runs and all the related tie-ins to domestic and foreign policy, the economy, global warming and why children are no longer being taught cursive …

which is highly disturbing on many levels but personally our grandchildren do not stand a prayer of reading my handwriting without some basic knowledge of cursive…

just sayin’

But here is what we can know….

You and I have a sphere of influence today where we can be the hands and feet of Christ.

You can teach your children based on godly principals, not other people’s agendas.

You can teach them to fear the Lord and to do right, and yes…use WORDS and EXAMPLES.

You can show people what Christians do when they don’t understand all the stuff going on around us…

and…more importantly…

what we do when WE mess up.


Separate the people from the agenda…over and over and over…even if they don’t want to be…you do it.

As much as possible, live in peace…but know where the line will be drawn for you when you are asked to compromise what you believe.

Pray for strength in the day when you have to take a stand for your faith.

There is more…I am sure..but you get the point…

God says it so much better than me…

<3 Really LOVE people, don’t just pretend (and real love…doesn’t mean free to be you and me…it means I want GOD’S best for each person…but it also means realizing only GOD can work His best in each one of us and I am not the Holy Spirit)

<3 Hate what is evil; cling to what is good

<3 Show kind affection in brotherly love towards others

<3 Give preference to others and show honor and respect to them; don’t be demanding that things go the way you want them to go

<3 Don’t be lazy but work with diligence as if everything you do…no matter how trivial or mundane it may seem…is being done in service to the LORD

<3 Be patient as you wait out trials, pray a lot…and be thankful in advance, knowing God is at work and His works are GOOD

<3 Help people out, have people over, be nice

<3 If someone is mean to you or mistreats you BECAUSE YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN…don’t curse him…don’t wish evil on him…PRAY blessing on him…think of all the things you would pray for someone you love and pray that for that person.

<3 Don’t prioritize the importance of people based on their status, but count it a privilege to work with whoever is alongside you

<3 Come alongside people, cry with them when they are sad; laugh and celebrate when they are happy

<3 Don’t quarrel with people. As much as possible…be at peace with others

<3 Let God take revenge…let God bring justice…let God be God 

<3 Let HIM determine where the line will be drawn and then hold fast to Him, not the line. 

                                                                                          from Romans 12:9-21 

You know what?

THAT I can understand.

It isn’t easy…but it is things I CAN do..with God’s help.

It is a place to expend energy in my realm of influence where I really can make a difference.

Each and every day.

Maybe if we just took one at a time…and prayed for God to help us DO the thing…

maybe we would see God make things….

great …


sorry…couldn’t resist <3




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