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Just thankful for kindness <3


So we made a quick trip to Austin to help…


this one move.

I wasn’t sure how well I would do 3 days post surgery…but very thankful for zero pain and the kindness of my  husband, our son…

and several attendants…

the TSA…seriously…


they were so nice to me.

As well as the many strangers who offered sympathetic, if slightly sappy, smiles to me wherever I went whether walking, riding or…

IMG_3164putt-putting along.

It was an interesting and humbling and eye-opening experience.

I told the kids I hadn’t felt this much love from the public since I was pregnant with John and toting two kids around …. he said both times we were helping him change locations…=0)

Most of the kindness I encountered was an example of people doing their jobs with servant hearts.

I was helpless and they responded.

I was grateful and they were encouraged.

Not a bad way to do life every day…


God bless you as give and RECEIVE acts of kindness today  <3



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