What is it about Friday?

Friday just calls for some random recaps…so let’s go with it.

First there is this one…

this was her expression when I told her I saw a little bit of Joely Bear and Graham mixed in with all that Emmett in her face.

I dubbed her “Vitamin C” this week…and I plan to take daily doses to keep my heart happy.

Her mom sent a video of her standing in her crib laughing hilariously at the antics of the band of brothers as they cavorted around her room.

I may have watched it a few times.

In other news we have…

This treasure that I discovered as I am cleaning through the boxes we stashed a year ago December in any available closets around this house in order to say we had “moved in.”

Let me do some ‘splaining. (If you are too young to know Ricky and Lucy…do yourself a favor and google I Love Lucy…any episode)

“438” would be the house number of my family from grade four until my freshman year in college.

Placks would be how a blonde spells “Plaques”…which were actually wall-hangings of the decoupage variety circa the 70’s.

Doo-dads….are knick-knacks in the Lochner vernacular. And since I am not even certain that is a real word, I won’t worry about correcting the spelling.

To be clear…here is a peek at what I felt needed preserving.

and for the record…the thing at the bottom of the pic…

is exactly what it appears to be. A shattered miniature teacup that had a parrot for the handle.

Could. Not. Part. With. It.

However, yesterday I let it go…sigh…

because my life is full now of more urgent things like….

trying to figure out what is making the eerie sound outside our bathroom window each morning now that spring is busting out all over.

On a whim I did a search and after listening to the audio…sure enough…

This would be one of those times when our eldest child would tell me…”You do realize this is why you don’t get things done, right?”

And speaking of google and such, I ordered something from a  new company for one of the little ones for Easter and now advertisements from this place appear on my Instagram and Facebook constantly.

So since our national security seems to be having trouble figuring out cyber warfare, I am proposing they turn all of that over to Google Chrome or Safari.

It would be nipped in the bud and we could celebrate the victory every year when it popped up as a memory on our timelines.

And finally…THIS…..

was the display at our local Kohl’s the day there was a snow squall swirling through the parking lot.

Better hurry and get your picnic ware purchased…Christmas is just around the corner.

Ok…that’s all I’ve got.

Have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday <3


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  1. My mother always called Mourning Doves- Rain Crows. She said they sing before a rain (of course they sing pretty much anytime). I always think of her when I hear one and I look around for the raindrops! You have brought me a precious memory!

    1. Awww!! I have heard of them so when I googled, I figured it was “morning” doves…like they sing in the morning. Nope…mourning. They don’t sound very grieved to me. They actually sound pretty happy. And Loud. And thankfully only in the morning and right above our bathroom!!! =0)

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