What we want, what we really want

Reading this morning from the book of John, and how I love this gospel message. I literally woke up with the opening words running through my mind.

Which is waaaaaaay better than the phase I went through after seeing Jesus Christ Superstar and for a month I woke up hearing “I don’t know how to love him….” yikes!!!!!

No, this morning this broken record brain was reciting, ‘In the beginning was the Word and the Word was WITH God and the Word WAS GOD!”

YES! Much healthier!!!

So with delight I read this morning the account of Jesus and  the woman at the well.

I sat on a dusty stone step, under some shade and eavesdropped their conversation for another glimpse at one of my favorite stories.

As the Good News shares the good news with this woman of ill repute, her heart is opened and changed and, in excitement, she runs to tell others.

Scholars through teachings have assured us that she was at the well alone because she wanted to avoid people.

But when Jesus changed her heart, she ran to seek them out.

She couldn’t help but tell them about Him and what He had done in her.

I understand.

I also understand that she must have just jumped for joy, like a little girl, all fresh and unspoiled and sharing in Jesus’ JOY, when they told her….

We believe! WE BELIEVE!!!


We believe because He has changed us! We believe because we have heard His voice ourselves.

When Jesus changes our hearts, we want everyone to know Him. So we tell them. But until they take ownership, our hearts are not complete.

Has He changed you?

Don’t stop telling – with your words, with your life.

And don’t stop praying ¬†until you hear those precious words, “NOW….WE BELIEVE….not because of what you said. NO! Now we believe because WE have heard HIS VOICE and we KNOW He IS the Savior of the World!”

I am praying for you testimony….praying for your witness….praying for you as you share and as you wait to hear….WE BELIEVE

God bless you <3

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