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When God’s perfect timing travels at the speed of light….

I may have mentioned a few times that this one…IMG_3418

not only hauled himself several states away for college but then decided to follow that still small voice in him that said….


So we love that he is feeling the peace that accompanies knowing he is where he is supposed to be.

But we struggle with feeling so far away from him.

Especially at times when life tugs at our parental hearts. Like a couple of weeks ago when he texted that his two remaining wisdom teeth had chosen this particular time to emerge in a most inconvenient way necessitating removal.


Russ and I commenced to go into high alert parenting mode to try and figure out the best time for me to go down there to help him.

With #3 grandchild’s impending birth, work schedules and commitments penned into our calendar, we also prayed for God’s perfect timing. I am sure He loves how I assess the things that we are going to need His help with as opposed to the ones we can “handle” ourselves….

On Sunday morning, I decided to pull our class members onto the prayer team and put John’s wisdom teeth extraction/timing/favor with his bosses etc on the prayer board.

Yesterday afternoon …. as in a little over 24 hours later…. I got a call from him that he was in the waiting room of an oral surgeon’s office about to go in for said tooth removal.

I had just gotten off work and was sitting in my car in downtown Decatur, but my heart was 943.5 miles away.

I texted a handful of prayer warriors who I knew would not only pray for John, but would have the …. wisdom…and mercy to pray for Russ and me as well!

And my mind was jumping all over the place to every possible worse case scenario and asking God Why?? WHY???? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??????

And then I remembered.


We asked for God’s perfect timing for the removal…for favor with his bosses…for the help he would need.We had every prayer answered. I just didn’t plan on me not being that help. 

IMG_0326I think of all the prayers I pray for this young man.

For our whole family.

I have to be honest…I wouldn’t mind a few more suddenly’s like this one…

but IMG_0327I will trust in His perfect…right on time….timing.

I will trust that He is there with them…all the time….and with us…

I will trust that He knows what each one of us needs, right when we need it….

I will trust that His resources far exceed ours to care for and work in each life






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