When I remembered….

Grapes growing near hotel in Yakima Valley

As we prepared for communion on Sunday, I closed my eyes and listened to the words of the song and waited for our turn to receive the elements.

Open our eyes to things unseen…

and I love that when I close my eyes in worship; He can open them to see.

To see the unseen.

And as the praise team continued to sing…

Hosannah…Hosannah….Hosannah in the highest heaven

I could see, with freshly opened eyes, a glimpse of what it might be like up there.

With a limited mind and an active imagination, I could sort of picture throngs of heavenly beings surrounding the throne…

and for just a brief moment… I could hold on to how amazing that has to be.

All these perfect beings, perfectly worshipping our perfect God.

And I was suddenly keenly aware that, for me, to enter in to such a place is only possible because of the blood and body of Jesus Christ, given for me…for you… for all who will receive…


and when I opened my eyes, they were passing the tray to Russ and me.

And I remembered.

And I received.

Hosannah. Hosannah. Hosannah in the highest heaven <3



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